15 Best Money Apps For Teens (Investing, Budgeting and More)

Best Money 15 Apps For Teens( Investing, Budgeting and further)

Do you want to educate your teen how to manage plutocrat? If so, the stylish plutocrat apps for teens can help.

Prices and features differ for each option, but all plutocrat apps aim to help you and your child more manage their plutocrat.

We set up the most popular plutocrat apps for teens, estimated what they offer and determined how they can help your teen ameliorate their finances.

Stylish Investing Apps for Teens

There are some apps for teens that are concentrated on investing. Although each app may have multiple features, we ’re participating how the investing portion of the app works.

1. Acorns Early

Acorns is a mobile banking app that costs$ 3 per month for a particular account and$ 5 per month for a family account.

With your Acorns regard, you get your own particular banking and spending account. You also get a savings regard and an investment account.

When you upgrade to the Family account, you can open Uniform Transfers to Minor Act/ Livery Gifts to Minor Act( UTMA/ UGMA) investment accounts for each of your children at no redundant cost.

All finances invested with Acorns go into one of five ETF portfolios. These portfolios have varying situations of threat, ranging from conservative to aggressive.

finances deposited into kiddies ’ accounts automatically go into the most aggressive Acorns ETF( 100 stocks) for maximum growth eventuality.

The minimal investment is just$ 5 per month.
Price$ 5 per month

Pros Affordable yearly benefactions, multiple kiddies ’ accounts for one price

Cons Yearly figure, no duty loss harvesting

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2. EarlyBird

EarlyBird is a UGMA account that helps your child invest for council or any other future charges.

Like Acorns, EarlyBird has five ETF portfolio finances you can choose from, from conservative to aggressive.

Unlike Acorns, EarlyBird allows you to choose the blend of portfolios you can invest in for your child.
still, the price goes up to$ 4, If you add further children latterly.95 per month. Another nice thing about the EarlyBird account is that you get a custom link you can partake with others.

shoot the link to grandparents, uncles, aunts, musketeers and more so they can help make your child’s investment account.

Price$2.95 or$4.95 per month

Pros Choose from five different investment portfolios, partake the link for others to contribute

Cons No other services are offered

3. Fidelity Youth Account

Popular brokerage establishment Fidelity offers a Youth account for kiddies to start investing. The account has no minimums, no yearly freights and isn’t a custodial account.

The Fidelity Youth account allows your child to invest in utmost NMS securities, including fractional shares of stocks, Fidelity collective finances and further.
As similar, you’ll have limited maternal control, but you ’ll be suitable to view conditioning and statements.

You’re listed as an Interested Party and as the trusted contact on the account. still, you wo n’t have any common power or other authoritative designations.

Price Free

Pros Invest with no trading freights, spending/ savings accounts included, fractional shares available

4. Greenlight App

Greenlight is an app that helps learn to earn, save, spend and invest. The app offers three plans.

These include

still, only the Max and perpetuity plans allow kiddies to invest. You wo n’t pay any trading freights with Greenlight.

also, your child can invest in fractional shares of stocks and collective finances with as little as$ 1. Unlike Fidelity’s Youth account, the Greenlight investment account calls for maternal blessing for every tried trade.

As the parent and proprietor of the account, you can also help define a growth strategy for your child and produce the threat portfolio that works stylish for your child and family.

Although this app is priced advanced than other investment apps, you may find the fresh features worth the cost.

Price$9.98 to$14.98 per month

Pros Earn, spend, save and give features included

Cons Advanced priced than other available investment apps for kiddies

5. UNest

UNest provides a UTMA/ UGMA account that holds finances that can be used for council, a down payment for a house or any other savings thing you have for your child.

The app allows for investment in over to nine different portfolios, from conservative to aggressive. You can indeed invest in some cryptocurrencies for your child, although you may get charged a figure from the clearing house( APEX) to do so.

As with other apps mentioned then, UNest does allow family and musketeers to add to your child’s investment via a custom link.

You can earn fresh investment finances for your child’s account when you use UNest prices and take advantage of the special offers within the app.

Price$4.99 per month

Pros figure includes unlimited child accounts, extensive choice of portfolios to choose from

Cons minimal donation demand of$ 25 per month
6. Webull

Although Webull is only available for teens periods 18 and 19, we allowed
it was worth mentioning for two reasons. This app offers zero commissions and a helpful stock simulator tool.

still, you might prefer to use Webull, If you want to encourage your teen to go completely independent with their investing or get some practice by using a stock simulator.

Use Webull to trade stocks, ETFs, crypto and further. More yet, as of July 2021, Webull allows for fractional trading as well.

Price Free

Pros Stock simulator tool available

Cons Only for teens periods 18 and 19

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Stylish Budgeting Apps for Teens

still, there are apps out there that can help, If you just want your teens to learn the basics of budgeting. These are the top budgeting apps for teens.

7. Current

Current gives kiddies the chance to learn how to earn, spend and save their plutocrat. The account comes with a disbenefit card, savings capsules and tools to help teens learn how to manage plutocrat well.

Maternal controls allow for real- time exertion announcements, trafficker blocking and spending limits.

The disbenefit card from Current has numerous safety features, similar as EMV chips, sequestration controls and further. Parents and teens likewise can be confident that their plutocrat is secure with this app.

Price$ 36 per time

Pros disbenefit card purchase roundups, seductive parent control features

Cons Limited investment features


8. Bobby Card


Bobby is a banking app that offers up to five teen or child accounts when parents open an account. Learning tools, including budgeting, are available.

As a parent, you can shoot plutocrat incontinently to your child’s account or automate allowance. Teens can also set up direct deposit to their Bobby account.

Teens can take advantage of fiscal knowledge assignments, earn perk cash and further.

Price No yearly freights

Pros Investing accounts for kiddies periods six and over

Cons Card reload freights and instant transfer freights from some accounts

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9. FamZoo


FamZoo is a family-friendly app that includes earning, saving and spending options for teens and kiddies.

plutocrat earned is placed in an account that your teen accesses via a repaid spending card. Teens can also set pretensions for saving and giving. Plus, they can place plutocrat in a savings cover.

Chores assigned to further than one child are “ stealable, ” tutoring kiddies that the early raspberry gets the worm. introductory budget wastes are available with this app.

Price$2.50 per month to$5.99 per month

Pros Stealable chores, budget wastes, family loan option and chore penalty options

Cons No investment point

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10. Fidelity Youth Account


Although the Fidelity Youth account is meant primarily for investing, the app does have a savings regard to hold finances in.

In addition, the app offers a host of fiscal knowledge tools that can help your teen learn to budget, manage debt and further.

Get this app if you want your teen to learn budgeting and other fiscal tips while fastening heavily on investing.

Price Free with a parent account

Pros Savings, investing and fiscal knowledge tools

Cons No spending card


11. GoHenry


GoHenry is a plutocrat app that helps parents educate kiddies to earn plutocrat and further. As a parent, you can give your kiddies regular allowances through the app or assign chores they ’ll get paid for upon completion.

You can also give one- off transfers to your sprat or teen at any time. Maternal controls include real- time exertion announcements and card cinch/ unlock capabilities.

Spending, giving and transferring plutocrat to musketeers are also included features with this app.

Price$4.99 per month

Pros Age-applicable literacy vids and quizzes

Cons No investing option

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12. Greenlight App


Greenlight offers a comprehensive app that can help kiddies and teens produce a budget that lets them earn, save, spend and give as they wish.

For just$4.99 per month, your teen can learn how to earn and manage plutocrat, complete with maternal controls that can set spending limits, cinch/ unlock the included disbenefit card and further.

Upgrade to one of the two advanced- priced plans to go beyond budgeting and learn about investing and further.

Price$4.99 per month up to$14.98

Pros Savings lagniappes and comprehensive tools are included in all plans

Cons Upgrade to a advanced plan to have investing

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13. Step


Step is a Visa card that allows your kiddies to use it to spend whatever plutocrat is stored in their Step account.

Since they can only spend up to the quantum of plutocrat in the account, Step helps your child learn to budget.

Step also reports all payments to the card as on- time credit payments, helping children of all periods begin to make credit.

Price Free

Pros Build credit, produce and fund savings pretensions, purchase roundups

Cons No investing option

Stylish Chore Apps for Teens

For parents looking for an app that can help with teen chore operation, these options are worth checking out.

14. Gemütlich

Homey is a chore app designed to help track chores and award kiddies for completing tasks. Although the app does n’t have a spending card, it does help you track plutocrat earned and produce/ achieve savings pretensions.


Pros Unlimited savings jars and chore blessing with a Premium account

15. OurHome

OurHome is a chore app that rewards teens and kiddies on a points base. You, as the parent, assign chores and award kiddies with points for each completed chore.

The app allows you to add prices to your account, including the number of points demanded to earn a price. kiddies can also use their app to claim a price.

Price Free

Pros Points- grounded system allows for a variety of prices

Cons No banking point


When assessing different plutocrat apps for teens, there were crucial factors we anatomized to determine the stylish options in the space. In- depth exploration was performed to identify the top challengers that help teens with their finances.

We concentrated on the following criteria

Apple App Store standing of4.0 or advanced
Character among assiduity leaders
Ease of use
Low or no freights

We chose this methodology to insure we ’re doing our due industriousness as we determined the stylish apps like OfferUp.

How to Choose the Best Finance App

Choosing the stylish finance app for your teen is simply a matter of determining which app stylish fits your requirements and budget.

But how do you do that? probing and comparing options is important. Make a list of each app, what they offer, what they bring and what reviews say on estimable spots like Trustpilot.

also choose the app( s) that stylish meet your criteria.

Financial Planning for Teens and Grown-ups

Good fiscal planning and operation can frequently feel fugitive, but it’s a necessity if you want to have a peaceful life from a financial viewpoint.

Then are some quick tips for both teens and grown-ups to manage their plutocrat in a way that will prepare them for a secure fiscal future.

1. Know Your pretensions

Knowing your fiscal pretensions is critical to good fiscal planning. Take some time to sit down and make a list of short( lower than one time), medium( one to five times) and long- term( over five times) fiscal pretensions.

2. Discover Value- Grounded Spending

Value- grounded spending is a budgeting tool that can work prodigies when it comes to plutocrat operation.

By simply taking the time to weigh purchase opinions grounded on how important time it takes to earn plutocrat for it and in the environment of swinging from saving for other pretensions, you can decide whether a purchase will bring value to your life or not.

3. Search a Budget That Works for You

Every person’s budget will work else. This is because everyone has different charges and different precedences.

Your job is to produce a budget that works for your situation and keep tweaking it as demanded to help you reach your pretensions.

4. Establish an Emergency Fund

Having an exigency fund will save you from gratuitous stress. An exigency fund helps make plutocrat lower of a factor when it comes to important opinions.

Aim to save three to six months ’ worth of charges in your exigency fund.

5. Educate Yourself on Investing

Use the advice of experts similar as Jim Collins and Warren Buffett to expand your knowledge on the whats, whens and approaches of investing.

6. Invest for Retirement andNon-Retirement

When you decide to invest, exercising both withdrawal andnon-retirement investments is essential.still, you’ll have finances to help pay for academy, buses , If you start investing or saving as a teen.

By saving$ 100 a month for 18 times, your ending balance could be$,400. still, your ending balance could be about$ 13, 900
If you save$ 100 a month for 9 times.
7. Be Economical, Not Cheap

Always flash back that “ economical ” and “ cheap ” are two different effects. noway immolate yourself, your connections or your happiness for the sake of plutocrat.

Value people above plutocrat and effects. Make it a precedence to invest in yourself, and always flash back that time is the one thing you can noway buy back.


The stylish plutocrat apps for teens will help them learn to find the ideal balance between what they earn, save, spend, invest and contribute.

Which app is stylish for your teen will differ from which one is stylish for someone differently’s. still, with the right tools, you can help your teen discover what good plutocrat operation looks like for their situation.

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