Scrap Yard Sports: Practice field turns into dream complex for area kids

They built it, and everybody wants to come.

Six years ago, Bryan Beaty was just a guy with a little league team that had nowhere to practice. In an area where the population is booming but new playing fields aren’t, he had hosted practices in his driveway, cheek by jowl with three other teams at one tiny park, or in a single batting cage in overcrowded indoor facilities. He finally resorted to baseball-dad lunacy, buying some land on the outskirts of Oak Ridge North and scraping a little practice field into it.

Beaty’s first visitor, Joel Bartsch, was a crazy softball dad who had heard about Beaty’s practice field. “One day I drove by and the sun was at the right angle. I looked over the roof of the Shell station and saw what turned out to be the top of the backstop, so I parked my car, hiked back in there, and saw a 40,000 square foot, all-turf ball field, just sitting in the middle of nowhere,” Bartsch said. Next thing you know, he was on board to get his daughter a softball field. The trio added Connie May, a long-time area softball coach who runs the Texas Firecrackers softball program and whose daughter was an All-American at Texas A&M, and Scrap Yard Sports was in business. Click here for complete story