Trending: Julie Leach, Fiberglass Factory Employee, Wins $310.5 Million Powerball

Julie Leach won the latest Powerball.
Julie Leach won the latest Powerball.

A fiberglass factory employee in Michigan is $310.5 million richer — which is rich enough, she has decided, to quit her job.

Julie Leach, 50, was working an overnight shift at Aquatic Bathware as a supervisor on what she called a “nasty, dirty job” when she found out while on a break at McDonald’s that she had won last Wednesday’s Powerball drawing.

“I quit automatically. I was done,” she said, laughing, at a news conference Tuesday.

Leach purchased the winning ticket at a Shell gas station in her hometown of Three Rivers — a community in southwestern Michigan about 30 miles south of Kalamazoo — along with a cup of coffee around 6:30 p.m. She then headed into her job a the factory, where she has worked for almost 23 years. click here for complete story