College Park Reading for a Better Life Photo Gallery

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The Conroe Independent School District is promoting a culture of reading by calling to action all adults within the Conroe ISD community to devote at least 30 minutes a day to reading aloud to children. (photo gallery)

My Person Foundation Mentor program combats suicide in CISD

wdl-2017-02-35-1Brittany Cannon and Danielle Padron were Woodlands-area dance and cheer coaches in 2015 when their students came to class in shock: They had just discovered one of their schoolmates committed suicide.

“Those are faces you never want to see,” Padron said. “They were just so lost and had so many questions.”

Unable to answer their students’ questions or provide any type of explanation, the two women decided to take action in hopes of getting to the root of the problem to prevent future suicides. read more…

The Pavilion Hosts Over 5,000 CISD Students for Fine Arts Education Day

cwmp-fine-arts-education-day-2016-1The Woodlands, Texas – Last week, The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion hosted Fine Arts Education Day with a performance by the Houston Symphony for over 5,000 fourth and sixth graders from 35 schools across Conroe Independent School District.

Houston Symphony Conductor Robert Franz introduced orchestral music through the lens of writing and storytelling with his “Creating Stories and Music” program. Fine Arts Education Day, a free educational concert featuring  the Houston Symphony, is designed to introduce fourth grade students to orchestral music and the various instruments in band and orchestra before they choose an elective in fifth grade. Some sixth graders are invited to watch where their studies could take them if they continue their pursuit of music in junior high.

Produced in conjunction with Conroe ISD, Fine Arts Education Day fulfills The Pavilion’s Mission by fostering new audiences and enhancing an appreciation of the arts.

If you would like more information about The Pavilion, please visit www.woodlandscenter.org or look for The Pavilion on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogger. Or download The Pavilion’s iOS or Android app.

CISD gets ready to roll with new buses next year

District approves $1 million for 11 new vehicles as growth continues

Shuttling thousands of students back and fourth to school five days a week requires serious juggling for the Conroe Independent School District’s transportation department.

Operations managers, supervisors and drivers constantly monitor their ridership numbers, plan for inclement weather, adjust routes for maximum efficiency and work around ever increasing numbers of construction projects across the county. click here for complete story

‘All Means All’ scholarship starts with 14 freshmen

One year after Conroe High School teacher Sam Cable announced his plan to create a unique scholarship, the plan finally got into action.

On Monday, Cable and the Conroe ISD Education Foundation presented the first 14 All Means All scholars.

“Years ago, I would go to these award nights when people would get their scholarships and people would get scholarships for work they’d done over a long period of time and they deserved it,” Cable said. “But I look around and some of the seniors would say, ‘Boy, I wish I’d known about that when I was a freshman — I would’ve worked a little harder.’ I thought, what if we gave a scholarship to those that work hard, like yourselves, as you go along so when you graduate as a senior, you’ll have $2,000 that you can put toward your college tuition and give you a leg up on life.” click here for complete story