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World’s tallest roller coaster will scale 500-foot ‘skyscraper’

Coming soon to an anxiety attack near you!

A point-of-view animation video has unveiled plans for the world’s tallest roller coaster: a jaw-dropping, adrenaline-pumping monster that shoots you 570 feet into the air at 65 miles per hour.

“Skyscraper,” which is scheduled to open in Orlando in 2017, is built vertically. A towering white structure serves as the base for the coaster’s track to loop and climb for a terrifying four minutes.

US Thrill Rides, the Orlando-based company that developed the roller coaster has dubbed the unique design “polarcoaster,” and “Skyscraper” will be the world’s first



Six Flags Fiesta Texas unveils four-dimensional roller coaster

The Six Flags theme park in San Antonio is getting an intense new roller coaster. Plans have been unveiled for “Batman: The Ride” at Fiesta Texas.

It features cars that spin riders independently around the track – which itself has drops steeper than 90 degrees. Riders will hold on for two steep falls and six flips in all. It’s the first of its kind in Texas. The ride will debut next summer.