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College Park Reading for a Better Life Photo Gallery

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The Conroe Independent School District is promoting a culture of reading by calling to action all adults within the Conroe ISD community to devote at least 30 minutes a day to reading aloud to children. (photo gallery)

8 Things That Destroy College Athletes

What is it that happens to college athletes that diminishes an athlete’s chances of succeeding?  Every athlete comes out of high school with big dreams, but where is it that those dreams become unrealistic?w704I survived 5 years as an NCAA athlete at Iowa State, and somehow managed to become an All-American and an Olympian during that time. The amount I learned my freshman year alone about what it takes to succeed is probably enough to write my second book after ENDURE.

As a result of this move I get to look at this topic from an “outside looking in” perspective. Every weekend I got to hear the things other athletes say they want, and just watch how they behave.  It brought me to some simple conclusions. As I became a senior and my team started to look to me as a leader, I had some awesome conversations about goals and what is willing to be sacrificed to reach those goals. click here for complete story