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My Person Foundation Mentor program combats suicide in CISD

wdl-2017-02-35-1Brittany Cannon and Danielle Padron were Woodlands-area dance and cheer coaches in 2015 when their students came to class in shock: They had just discovered one of their schoolmates committed suicide.

“Those are faces you never want to see,” Padron said. “They were just so lost and had so many questions.”

Unable to answer their students’ questions or provide any type of explanation, the two women decided to take action in hopes of getting to the root of the problem to prevent future suicides. read more…

Texas Teen Tragically Commits Suicide After Relentless Bullying

SuicideTexasThe loss of a child to suicide is unimaginable, yet on October 8, a 13-year-old boy from Georgetown, Texas, Peyton James, went to his bedroom and hung himself from the ceiling fan. This was the result of years of bullying by peers and classmates. click here for complete story

College Park High swim coach speaks out on son’s suicide

5455b961a165c.imageThe Woodlands College Park High School Assistant Swim Coach David James wants people who are considering suicide to know there are people who care.

“There are people out there that love you, and whose lives would be torn apart without you,” said James, a resident of Jacob’s Reserve. “Talk to a friend, a teacher, a counselor, an assistant principal. Get help. Don’t give in to those thoughts.”

James lost his only son, 13-year-old Peyton, to suicide Oct. 13.

“By the time his mother found him, he wasn’t breathing and had no heartbeat,” James said. “She called 911 and began CPR. As emergency responders arrived, they continued the CPR; and after 25 minutes were able to restore his heartbeat.”

But, unfortunately, he was not breathing on his own and was taken to a nearby hospital in Round Rock, near his home, where they inserted a breathing tube. click here for complete story